Saturday, June 02, 2007

Quite a show

So there is this amazing convocation on Monday: Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama will join Jim Wallis live on CNN for Faith Guiding Our Votes: A Presidential Forum on Faith, Values, and Poverty. More info here.

I've never known of a forum - televised, no less - that is directly intended to deal with poverty and includes three major pres candidates. Sojourners definitely scored a big one.

Sigh, unfortunately I don't have cable (seeing how I'm trying to live simply and in solidarity with these very poor people...) so I won't get to see it. But I still wanted to recommend it. Here's hoping it will show up on YouTube. And I might check out the live blogging during it.

You can even vote on a question to be asked here. Cool.


Kate said...

This does sound like it could be quite a show, unfortunately, my innate cynicism, directed toward all politicians, leaves me less than hopeful about any positive conversation taking place. It will probably turn into sound bite opportunities like other news shows and debates

Anonymous said...

I don't have cable either, hopefully a friend of mine is taping it for me and you can borrow!