Sunday, July 29, 2007

Surreal Life

It's always weird to learn you're out there in the blogosphere. One of my former profs now church associate was telling us today how our sem prez gave him a printout of a little diatribe against him. He took it in stride, of course - he's hardly frazzled by something, first of all, almost 10 years old (don't know why it's just arriving at attention now), plus it's just funny that this person took such umbrage to what was actually a pretty good point. If you want to read about it, visit this site, then scroll down under "Unbelief at Fuller Theological Seminary" to the paragraph about John Goldingay. The whole page is kind of good for a giggle anyway.

One of our friends said a great thing to me the other night. He said I needed to be the religious person in a secular institution rather than the secular person in a religious institution - for a while, at least. I think that's a great answer to why I want to find myself not at Fuller for a PhD and I plan to start using it. It's so weird for me to read this sort of website (the one above) when I think Fuller is so conservative. I have to remind myself it's over the edge liberal to most. Well I guess those people probably don't believe they will see me in heaven anyway. Hmmm....they may not.

(if nothing else, I will avoid them)

(if that's allowed)

So I just wanted to post that funny page I found about Fuller. And report that I'm so tired I completely forgot to go to a friend's going-away today. That means I am wasted. I have 3 papers to write and then I can relax for the rest of the summer. Or at least, focus on the PhD prep full time. If I'm even still doing that. I don't know. Right now I'm too tired to think about it.

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Kate said...

I don't think anyone at Princeton would think Fuller was over the top liberal. In fact, most would think just the opposite.