Thursday, January 03, 2008

Be careful what you write for...

So I think I about convinced myself today that I should go to Fuller for my PhD. How could this happen, you ask? Well I wrote my application essays, and I'm such a damn fine writer that I talked myself into thinking it really was the best program! Ha ha.

I don't know if it would be the best for my future, but in a lot of ways it's sooooo attractive for my present. To be able to move before the baby comes, for instance. And to have profs who know me and therefore might be kind about my loopiness from lack of sleep w/infant at home. And the overall relief of not upheaving our lives. I dunno.

It would be bad for J, though. He needs that forced sabbatical. But then again, maybe he could write over the summer...oh who am I kidding. The man can't even write without a screaming baby in the house. I can't imagine our mental state 7 months from now. But it probably won't be dissertation-ready (or classes-ready!).

That temptation to just chuck it all for a year is awfully strong. Then I think I might never go back if I do that. Plus what the hell will I do with myself for a year? I mean, I'll be a mommy, and that's great. But I'd probably be really bored and depressed without my schoolwork. Unless I can find enough books to read on my own...I have enough on my shelves that I haven't read, that's for sure. If only I had something meaningful to do with myself....well I was asked to help with a new service starting at church (run by Barry Taylor, if you know him). That's going to be great. And it will be just getting going when I have to bolt. Yet another reason staying in LA appeals.

We'll see. Where shall I get in, who shall give me money? It's all up in the air right now, and most importantly I gotta finish these apps.

Now, two more things. One, we're looking to housesit, so keep that in your mind if you're a local. Anytime after March will do, and it could be anywhere (Beverly Hills would be acceptable) (hee hee). We need something (or somethings) through the summer. Unless we stay in LA. But anyway there's the word, out with prayers. Would be awesome to not be paying the crap high rent and have some space for the little one.

Second is a little tidbit combining my food and politics interests. My family is in Iowa but I can't convince them to caucus (bummer, it sounds so fun, esp the Democrat one which is not unlike kickball team-picking). Maybe if they know about the cookies...

Today's Washington Post tells us that the quality of cookies at the Iowa caucuses may determine the next President of the United States. Or at least the nominee on the Democratic side, where partisans for each candidate gather in their separate corners before being counted. Here's where the food comes in:

"Friends delivered casseroles and back pats and polished plans to make their corner of the caucus sites lively and appealing -- where the cool people gather. Megan Arellano prepared to bake frosted sugar cookies for supporters of Senator Barack Obama and perhaps attract lonesome and hungry backers of Sen. Christopher Dodd or New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.... Johnny M. will be baking cookies with a white-and-blue Obama 'O' design... The Clinton campaign planned to counter withsandwiches, chips, and sweets." (Jan 3, 2008, A8)

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