Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Preggo dreams

So last night I definitely had one of those weird pregnancy dreams I've read about in the books. So far I've only had freaky dreams, nothing particularly comforting, and not those nice sexy ones people always gush about (bummer). I suppose my subconscious is revealing I'm more afraid of this process than anything, but hey - first-timer here.

Anyway in the dream I'd had twins, and we had them at home. One was a boy, and he was adorable and perfect. J was on diaper duty for him and apparently hadn't been keeping up or something, because he came to me with all these diapers and was like, "Is it supposed to be brown? Is it supposed to be red? Is it supposed to be black?" And in my dream state I knew that the first diaper is black but I didn't know why he still had the first diaper after we'd taken the baby home, and I didn't know why he was keeping all the diapers to show me. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Anyway, somehow it came out that those were the only diapers so far and I had to chastise him for only putting one a day on the kid (or whatever it was). Clearly I fear my husband's ability to diaper (although in our one - yes, ONE - test of this skill, with my nephew last summer, mine leaked and his didn't).

But here's where it gets weird. The other person of the twins cat, Tyke. Or an exact replica. I kept getting confused about which one was the cat and which was my baby. And it's not that surprising, because Tyke's always been my baby and she has to be carried on my shoulder like a baby and she's generally acted like an infant all her life. I swear she'd have breastfed from me if she could have (she did try from our other cat, who tolerated it and it was very cute, if ineffectual). Anyway, this little cat-baby was really confusing me because I was on her diaper duty, and I didn't know how to get to the diaper b/c it wasn't on the outside. So I - get ready for the horror-movie part - started skinning my cat, bottom up, to find the diaper. It was like her fur was an outfit, and it came off pretty easy, but it was creeping me out big time, and also she was crying and that was upsetting. So then I'd run out to check and yep, sure enough, cat-Tyke was out in the other room, so I knew I had baby-Tyke, but it was still weird, and I think I eventually gave up without diapering the skin under her fur. Ewwwww.

Then she went and laid on top of the other baby and went to sleep. Oooookay.

I don't even know if I want an interpretation of that one.

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Unknown said...

ha! I had a dream just the other night that the baby (I'm 25 weeks pregnant) was crying, and I started to breastfeed it. I looked down, and it was my cat! In the dream, I was worried about the teeth. (I don't think that was the right thing to worry about. I was actually just googleing around to see if other women have had crazy dreams involving their cats. Thanks for sharing!