Friday, January 11, 2008

It's a girl!

And though I don't get the official report until Monday, everything appeared OK from what we could see (hands, legs, brain, heart - check).

Now I need a good combo girl name: I want a mystic and an obscure movie or pop culture reference. :P

For years my choice was Fiona, but then Shrek made it too visible (I chose it after falling in love with The Secret of Roan Inish). I thought Julian and Mechtild both sounded cool with Fiona. But nowadays we're leaning towards something even more - nearly celebrity-style - weird. It's gonna have to stay a secret, though!


Emilie said...

Congratulations (from a long-time, on-and-off lurker)! I am pregnant, too, and I found out in November that I am having a boy. (He'll be our second.) I was so sure it was going to be a girl, though, that I had all sorts of girl names floating around my head. The one I was closest to was Claire Mathilde. Now we do have a nice boy's name picked out, but we're keeping it a secret, too. Anyway, good luck with your pregnancy!

JTB said...

One of the things we seriously considered doing was choosing a middle name based on the saint for the day she was born. She was 15 days postdate so we went through a lot of possibilities, some of them quite beautiful (others which made my mother shake her head in disbelief--"Martyrs of Uganda" was quite the nominal challenge). As it happened there was no saint for her birthday so we went with "Madalyn" as a tribute to Grandmom.

aram said...

How about "Dunia"