Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hi, I'm back

And I will sloooowly get around to posting stuff, but right now I'm trying to pace myself. We got home yesterday afternoon, and the cats had peed on everything. Then the rental car company (BUDGET!) screwed up and we paid for it. Then I went to class for four hours. Then I got up and went to work but my boss and I crossed signals and didn't meet, so it was a waste of 4 hours of time.

Anyway, I am tired and cranky and don't much feel like telling yet another person how was my trip, so you'll have to wait.

I will cut-and-paste some of what I doodled last night during my first class on the Writings (OT) with Dr. John Goldingay.

Tonight first class with Dr. Goldingay on writings. He's wearing a Coldplay t-shirt (in navy) and blue and white striped shorts. He's already gotten the class laughing and we've sung a psalm (As the Deer). We get a half-hour dinner break - that's a good thing and very considerate. He's also invited us all to his condo for a couple of evenings of discussion (with spouses).

(he says that's the first time we've laughed even though he's told 17 jokes)

The purpose of the OT is NOT to prophesy the Messiah. God inspired the writings to serve the community at their time.

Proverbs says: these are the rules for life, try them and they'll work; Job and Ecclesiastes say no they don't! (David Alan Hubbard)

Daniel is not a prophet to Hebrews (and not listed as such in the book). He's a "wise man".

Insists upon using a gender-inclusive translation and in papers.

Protestantism has replaced the Pope by Professors.

Prayer is saying back to God what God says to you - claiming the character of God.


JTB said...

I'm the first to say welcome back! Yay!

David Best said...

Fellow Fullerite, first time here, read most of your recent posts, like what I see, sorry about anonymous, good work. : )