Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Halloween...witnessing doesn't get any easier

It's the best time of the year for sharing your faith! Let's all remember to order our Jack Chick tracts to give out instead of candy. Kids don't need to rot their teeth anyway! They need a good dose of insane theology!

And while you're at Jack's site, be sure to read his Seven Simple Steps for witnessing to Cultists (helpfully defined as Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and Catholics).


Tanya said...

Hmmmm... *ponders*
Is it really the best to .. .. .. 'trap' people into religion? You offer a kind hand, not advertisement.. But, maybe it is your belief to spread it around as much as possible..? Interesting..
('pologies if I comment on other things, I like seeing other people's views)

JJ said...

I remember when I was little my uncle used to have those 'chick tracts' around his house and I LOVED them... cause they were so gory and scary! I remember realizing when I was 13 what crap they were because the one on the end times said that the rapture was supposed to happen before 1988, and well, it was 1989 so either I had missed it (and everyone I loved had missed it) or the tracts were crap. I never saw my uncle give them to anyone, which is a good thing, because they were just terrifying... like little horror movies on paper.

Kyle said...

This is my favorite:

"Remember: They are going to hell already The worst that can happen is they are still going there. But the best is they might get saved!"

Apparently the saved don't have to worry about ending their sentences with periods!

Christine Bakke said...

I got a knock at my door the other night and was greeted by some dressed-up teenage kids saying "Reverse Trick or Treat!"

They handed me a bag of candy with a notice about their church/youth group. I was actually disappointed that there wasn't a chick tract!