Saturday, January 07, 2006

Followup on the show

I'll put in my two cents about the TV show, but honestly there's been plenty said already over on the blog of daniel that covers it. I thought the show was fine - I wouldn't make it appointment viewing, but if I'm home on a Friday night, I'll watch it. I loved Aidan Quinn's character - a good man surrounded by freaks, trying to manage them best he can. Sounds like a pastor's life to me! I found his wife to be quite similar to other pastor's wives I've known - the stress level for that under-appreciated position is immense, and these women handle it as best they can. The kids weren't doing anything that I or my friends weren't doing in high school. Most of the stuff his family is up to is quite realistic - the embezzlement is sadly very common - but of course it is unusual for it all to be happening to one guy's family. Well, that's TV drama for you. It wasn't nearly as silly or offensive as the ads made it look to be, and I was quite touched a few times. Loved the "good death" at the end of the first ep, and actually found myself resonating more with the problems than the solutions being presented. Last but not least, I absolutely adore the potrayal of Jesus. He's kind and motivating, compassionate yet also toes the line. And he's very funny, which I'm sure was true of the historical man. If nothing else, I enjoyed watching him so much, and his conversations with the priest, that I would continue supporting the show.

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