Friday, January 20, 2006

Spearing the Culture Wars

In the fine tradition of Creating Stories Out of Nothing, the Baptist Press reports to its constituents the latest culture-war scandal: a gay actor cast as a missionary in The End of the Spear!


M.J. said...

With Iraq, homelessness, hunger and poverty and children going to sleep not knowing if they'll be safe through the's a wonder that those who are called to spread the message of God's love to the world have time to nitpick over something like this!

Okay, this was the last straw today - it just is absolutely absurd to think this way - especially having grown up in the church and attended Christian schools and Universities and KNOW the number of young men/women who were in the closet (and many still are) struggling with homosexuality. To me, that is so the least of things that God looks at with an individual.....

Okay, before Iget on my soapbox I better scoot.

Kyle Foley said...

I was never good at spontaneously talking to God, and always felt lonely during private daily devotions. We all went to church on Sunday, but the true measure of Christian discipleship lay in the amount of time spent reading Scripture and praying alone – I had to keep trying, because I simply knew of no other way to grow as a Christian.

have you improved in your ability to pray alone? i've always found this especially difficult to do. i love you r blog by the way - just found it today

Stasi said...

No, I don't bother much. I talk to God when out and about but don't make it a set thing. I also notice God all around me in the world, in my cats, etc. Now I'm a pantheist. Oops. What I mean is I'm mostly just thankful for everything around me and that's a big part of praying for me.
I realized that praying alone doesn't have to be the measure of my relationship with God. I'm much happier praying with my church. Sometimes I do the daily office online, other times I read the lectionary suggestions or the BCP. But I most prefer to pray with other Christians, so I mostly do that.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the Religious Right be glad that an openly gay man is helping to get the Word out?

I'm really trying not to indulge in hatred of the Religious Right like I did when I was an unbeliever, but I just cannot understand this way of thinking.

Any advance reviews on The End of the Spear?

Stasi said...

It's supposed to be really terrible. Like terrible. Like Christian critics are apologizing for having to say how bad it is, that they can't support it in good conscience.