Sunday, January 15, 2006

Love the new Christians

I love new Christians. Such wonderful experiences await. And new Episcopalians, finding home for the first time. This blogger has been commenting here lately and I just love this post about his/her? first experience at Sunday worship. Many of us have been here: "The priest had told me to expect uncontrollable torrents of emotion as I adjust to the idea of God." The overwhelming happened during one of our most beloved hymns, "What Wondrous Love is This?" Now imagine that! An emotional response and a Holy Spirit filling during a theologically astute treatise on salvation! I will grant you it is a somewhat repetitious hymn so one could argue that it's more chorus-like, but ... oh I shouldn't be getting into worship wars crap right now. The point is, I love reading about this journey and will continue to do so.

Isn't it totally cool when someone actually pays attention and notices the hard work that the worship artists put in to create something that would properly convey our faith?

We sang "The Church's One Foundation" today which I always enjoy. If you actually sing all the verses (I think there are 6?) it's a great story. That is the really nice thing about singing all the hymn get to see the narrative poems embedded in them. They have a beginning, middle, and end, many of them, or at least build to climaxes, or remind us of the Trinitarian nature of our religion, or whatever it is. I'm glad we sing all the verses.

Anyway I have way too much homework to be doing this so I will go. Blessings on the new Christians.


Anonymous said...

A him. A him-loving him. And as it turns out, a Him-loving him too, now. Thank you so much for your thoughts and opinions on the Church, which are challenging and shaping me in my own development.

Peace be with you!

Brady Bryce said...

I loved the blog. It is well done. Thanks for sharing the review of your friend who went to church for the same time. It was moving to hear a virgin experience of the Christian journey.