Monday, January 09, 2006

Starting School Again

Yesterday at church we made new Christians. It was so cool. I always cry when they say "you are sealed by the holy spirit in baptism and marked as Christ's own forever." As much as everyone fights about infant baptism, it's really a beautiful thing to actually behold. When you see a family commit to raising the child in the faith, and the whole church stands behind them saying they'll help...well it's just one of those moments that church is all about.

I've been remiss in not writing about my first week. I had dinner with a friend Saturday night who asked when school would start up again, and I realized he follows my life through the blog and that's why he didn't know I'd started up again (hey dan what's up).

I'm in three classes: history/theology of worship (with the prof, Todd Johnson, who taught me liturgical theology last quarter), gospels (with the woman, Marianne Meye Thompson, I took Acts-Revelation with), and religious and cultural context of NT with Scott Bartchy from UCLA history dept. These are great classes. I've stacked a great quarter. But they are also heavy heavy on reading. I'm already freaking out. Less heavy on papers this time, but that means tests, which I don't like as well as papers.

So that's what I’ll be writing about this quarter. Bartchy managed to use the words "breast" "penis" and "masturbate" in our first class session - that was a first for me at Fuller - of course all in anecdotes that were appropriate and frequently humorous. He’s going to be wonderful, I can tell – so knowledgeable!

Okay, I have to start class now…will have to tell you more later. Sorry! I have so much to do this quarter that I’ll have to just write now & then while waiting for things.

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Joseph Santos-Lyons said...

good luck with your semester feminary! we start in two weeks, finishing my last two finals today and tommorow, ugh!