Thursday, January 18, 2007

A few random thoughts

1. Cat on my lap, purring
2. Coming home to lunch all made (homemade falafel and tzazaki however you spell it)
3. Today it is warmer. I'm very happy for my homeless friends.

I never mentioned that nobody showed up to the movie & discussion on GLBT Christians last week (the movie was on Orthodox Jews, but the discussion was to be about our religion). My friend who was hosting was very sad. I was not surprised, though. I was more surprised that anybody had shown interest in the first place. This is simply not something Fuller people are ready to deal with. Oh, sure, it comes up occasionally in class (came up today in Galatians), and often (not today) big fights start. But it's not something most people are even willing to talk about. There's definitely an unspoken understanding that everybody agrees it's just not right, and if you are one of the few defenders, you are biblically/theologically confused and you keep your mouth shut. If you appeal to love or kindness, everyone agrees that they love and are kind and have no problem with it. Or they tell you you are ignoring the Bible in favor of your feelings. But usually it's the former. And then they act like it's perfectly loving and kind to believe a person is never able to have a loving committed relationship in this life but only platonic ones, because he or she likes the wrong gender "that way." Which most of my gay friends would say isn't the way they want to live, nor be thought of. And they don't want to be thought of as sinful for their orientation either. But that is so incredibly difficult to prove. It's so much more something that must be lived, and I truly do believe the Spirit of God works in peoples' hearts to change their minds and until she's ready to do that (and the person is ready for it) we can't push it. I know because I know what it took to convince me and what it took to convince J. I can never go back, but I know how they feel. And I'm not patronizing towards others, I hope, I just know what I have witnessed and what has been testified to me, and I have found the evidence that questions traditional understanding of scripture, and it's all been enough for me. But that's just me.

At any rate, it was too soon to try such a thing. And it's sad. I'm sure most people stayed home and watched TV or did homework (I know I was tempted to do that myself). Most of us are happier turning off our mind to things that are not in front of our faces. It seems important, yet it's off there in the "liberal" churches, so it's kind of remote to most Fullerites. That is, it will be, until they are faced with it, which they will be, because there are gay people in every church in America.

Then I'm sitting in my prof's office the other day with a group of students and a woman is commenting on a recent Robin Williams performance, and she says, "It was a good performance and he didn't use a lot of language or anything, but (sigh) he was homosexual" (which she said with a "isn't it so sad" kind of tone) "and I just don't get why they have to put that stuff in movies."

Ummm...maybe because gay people actually exist? Therefore warrant portrayal in a normal story just like they are in our normal everyday lives?

I guess she took this character being gay as evidence of the continued depravity of Hollywood. “Rated R for mild language, some nudity, and a gay guy.” Sheesh.

Well my connection is acting funny so I'm going to publish before I lose all this. Cheers.


Dave said...


just wanted to let you know that I was (and am) quite interested in the topic, movie, and discussion, but I have a class on Thursday nights and wasn't able to make it. I agree with you that this is a tough subject, and although you say that Fuller may not be "ready for it," I'm sure there are others who are interested and willing to talk through the issue - maybe the night just didn't work out for others.

Anonymous said...

"That is, it will be, until they are faced with it, which they will be, because there are gay people in every church in America."