Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Three Beautiful Things on a rainy day

1. The rain has been pouring while I'm inside...and stopping every time I've needed to walk somewhere.

2. I'm nearly finished with the Galatians paper...will be done today I think. Today's lecture helped tremendously in that I learned that a guy who just finished his dissertation on Gal 3:28 agrees with me that the verse has nothing to do with individual freedom and everything to do with corporate identity.

3. My friend is giving the GLBT discussion group another try. So check it out. Friday night, 7 pm, email me for directions. All you peeps who said you couldn't make it last time, hope you can this time.

4. Aw, why not throw another in here? Thursdays' Eucharists have been going really well (although attendance dropped dramatically last week, probably due to midterms). The next two weeks we'll be sans priest, so we're just doing evening prayer, and me & my new buddy Andy (a candidate from diocese of Philadelphia) will be leading. Woo-hoo!

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