Monday, June 04, 2007

One down!

One final paper to go. One doctoral seminar paper, that is. It'll be OK.

You may or may not notice, but it's come to my attention that there is an ethical issue surrounding me posting my schoolwork on here. And I'm totally stupid for not seeing that. I greatly appreciate it being gently mentioned to me today, finally (and I'm not speaking here of one particular paper and a dear fellow student - it's not b/c of you, honey).

I will keep posting sermons because they're usually quite contextual, and besides, if you're stealing sermons, you've got major issues. But I'm not going to post papers anymore.

And geez, wish somebody would have pointed out to me how ridiculous this was earlier! I'm just too trusting. It would never occur to me to look online for a paper, so I forget that others would. I also wouldn't think so much of my work that I'd imagine someone wanting to steal it, but I guess there are desperate times in which any finished work at all is better than turning in nothing.

Next time, gentle readers, alert me when I'm doing something naively stupid! Remember the SWAT team incident? I could get myself killed!


Kristen said...

Does the ethical question come from you posting or others stealing?

Stasi said...

Me posting with the fear of others stealing. I had posted my thoughts on an exam answer, which it turns out others had yet to take. So I definitely see the problem with that (although I did it innocently, not realizing I could be offering a temptation since I didn't know there were others taking the same test).

I was telling J last night that it's disappointing that, in the end, we really can't be responsible only for our own actions. We do have to consider the potential actions of others when making decisions. Although my sharing my answer is not technically ethically wrong for me to do, it does present a temptation to someone else to do something ethically wrong. Now, what they choose to do is not my fault, but at the same time, I don't want to cause another to stumble.

So I'm happy to take it down.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fellow Student,

I'm the one who found your Schleiermacher paper by chance, just before mine was due. I was looking for it b/c I figured someone would have posted something on the subject since Prof has taught for so long and I could see how they approached the assignment. I do this with most assignments (I don't have a community to bounce ideas off) and mostly find sub-par material that is useless except to make me feel that my own thoughts are worthy. Yours however, was outstanding and timely. Obviously one can't copy from material the prof has already read. I was surprised to find an exact model of the assignment not yet due. Yes, there is temptation, so it is best to remove it.

But here is something funny, on the last paper (Barth) I had a sentence that was pretty close to what he said in an office hour chat that was recorded, and he wrote "great sentence." Yeah, I know, it was mostly yours! Originality was overrated in his class. I had to turn off creativity and turn on surgical skills. I think that is the skill he wanted me to gain, so I am not complaining.

Good thing you took your post down b/c I have not taken the test yet and I would have stumbled into it had it been there. That would have put me on par with Augustine - unable to keep from sinning.


Stasi said...

Just so everyone knows, this other class is on a different schedule than mine - I never post things before they are due...for me. I've recently learned that stuff is due for this other class a week or two after it's due in my class. Who'da thunk it? So that's why I used to think it was safe to post papers and whatnot - because the due date (or so I thought) was past. Now you can't even go by that anymore!