Friday, April 18, 2008


Now the damn cat's butt is leaking some kind of nasty yellowish stuff!! Certain to mean several hundred dollars at the vet's. Not to mention the gross factor and the could it be harming the baby factor. [I don't think it's as simple as worms, she's had that and this isn't the same - it's not coming from the anus hole itself but from another swollen spot on her anus - probably some kind of infection with pus...gee I hope it's toxoplasmosis so we can really have some fun!]


What is the freaking point of saving money when it's all going to disappear in one week!!!

Okay, Okay, I just found out it could be just a tapeworm after all. Sometimes they start off with a discharge instead of going straight to egg sacs (the egg sacs I'm familiar with). It's definitely not toxoplasmosis, that presents entirely different symptoms. I don't think the worm can harm the baby. It just means that we have fleas too. And undoubtedly the other cat will get it. Joy. This is always so fun. Get to spray everything in the house with poison. Maybe I should find a mommy spa to stay at for a few days.

Honest to God, my karma is complete crap at the moment.

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Josephine- said...

Sounds like some impacted glands... Yes the vet needs to be involved but I wouldn't panic yet. Though if it is indeed those glands excuse yourself from the room before they express them. Trust me on this one.