Thursday, April 03, 2008

Soft Landings

So probably the blog will get a bit more baby-centric in the next few's to be expected, right? Anyway I had to send notice about a great blog I found that focuses on safe (read: non-toxic and eco-friendly) ways to feed baby. I'm so thrilled to have found this clearinghouse of information, because I was about going nuts trying to figure out which kinds of bottles, nipples, pacifiers, etc. to use.

You know I'm all about the eco-friendly stuff as well as avoiding anything that can hurt human bodies. I long ago said goodbye to parabens in my lotion (though weirdly, they were in the cough medicine I just had to take! I had to take the sugar-free one for diabetics, and instead of HFCS, it had methylparaben - wtf?) and drinking water out of plastics (I must admit I feel a lot less cool now that my SIGG bottle is available at Whole Foods...mine came from Europe via internet, people! I had it first!! But I don't mind other people having it).

Anyway, now that it's time to feed, diaper, clothe, and play with a baby, a whole new world of dangers seems to be opening up before me. First of all, why is everything baby-related made of plastic? I mean for crying out loud, you could power small countries with all that oil! Plus most of it goes into landfills shortly after it's purchased. What a waste. And when you can't avoid the plastic, you have to worry about what type it is, and whether it will leach horrible things into baby's mouth and body. Yicko. It's such a headache.

We're trying to get as much organic stuff (clothes, toys) as we can, and now that I found the Soft Landing blog, I'm using them as my primary info source on everything feeding-related. I think we're going to try a diaper service at first (it's cost-prohibitive to wash your own cloth when you pay for laundry by the load) and then maybe switch to g-diapers after moving from Pasadena. At least I know my breastmilk will be fairly non-toxic, considering my diet and lifestyle, but even there, I should probably check to see if my Brest Friend pillow has a foam core made of the bad stuff that could gas out into the air while we're feeding. Ay yi yi. There is already enough noxious gas in our house, thanks very much (husband).

Anyway, I gotta give you the link, don't I? So the Soft Landing blog is here, and I'm linking to a special giveaway post (free stuff!!) that you can be entered into if you just leave a comment. Easy as pie. And cool stuff too. (I was pleased to see them giving away bibs that we chose on our own for the registry - must mean they are safe!)

OK, gotta take my big belly over to dogsit now. Can't wait to hang out in my little retreat house in the hills!


Josephine- said...

Disclaimer: I have not had children of my own!

However, I have a mother who was also very "natural" with us as kids and I think had some of the same concerns you do.

According to Mom if a baby is breastfed and is nursed enough (IE until THEY say they're done) they do NOT need a pacifier. We apparently never used one. Not sure if you'll be able to breast freed as long as she did (she wasn't working or going to school which you'll be doing) but there's some "old Jewish mother" info for you. :)


(Mom also put me in cloth diapers but decided that the energy it took to properly clean the cloth probably made the disposable just as "eco friendly" and she used disposable with my sister.)

Stasi said...

Thanks - I think it depends on the child. Some can do OK without pacis but others simply must have them. Some people are adamant that they ruin mouths; others point to new evidence that they reduce the risk of SIDS.

I'm just going to get one and see if I need it. And you are right about the cloth - in fact, in drought-prone areas (like LA), cloth isn't always the most eco-friendly. But the diaper service, which washes hundreds at a time in super-powerful washers, is supposed to be a good compromise for us ecologically and price-wise (it's less $$ than disposable). So we'll see.