Monday, April 21, 2008

I win

So I had my doc visit today, and she looked over my bp and my sugar and she said, I kid you not, "You win." I thought that was such a funny reaction, but SO appropriate and wonderful. I didn't even say anything, she just showed her resident that everything was under their standard (which it wasn't entirely, but apparently it was enough). Then we looked at the baby for a little while and she was "perfect perfect perfect" on everything they check.

We went over to the office and she told me to go see the midwives from now on unless something changes for the worse. She told me I could cut back occasionally on sticking my fingers (which I shall interpret to mean I can do it once a week), esp after I showed her my lovely bruises. She told me to keep up the dietary stuff that's good for bp and sugar, all of which I pretty much always did on my own anyway. So OK, I will lessen or cut out juice, but other than that, I'm fairly good about diet anyway. I'm just relieved that I can go back to eating when I'm hungry, and eating what my body asks for. At least that's what I'm planning to do. We'll see if my sugar does anything wonky with that.

Overall, though, it was exactly what I wanted them to see: that I am in fact quite quite healthy, and my baby is absolutely perfectly healthy. We are in great shape, the two of us, and this is major cause for rejoicing and thanks be to God. I asked if any of this would affect how they allow me to labor and deliver and she said no, as far as she was concerned she'd recommend that I get to go to the birth center and have my happy, mobile, drug-free experience. So basically I got everything I hoped for - and what I knew was right.

Now I'm on to more fun pursuits like figuring out whether our car seat will actually fit in the car, and finding a pediatrician. Wow, that's the kind of stuff that really makes this real. Now I can quit worrying about myself and just focus on creating a happy, healthy space for baby around here. That's such a relief. Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts. I visualize them washing over me and surrounding me with a cushion of warm protection. Me & baby, we good.

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