Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Baaaaa, baaaaa

The Feminarian is sheepish.

Turns out they've contacted no one yet about the internship.

Not getting the hopes back up, but my hissy fit yesterday was a little premature.

Hey, at least I can just repost it when the time comes!


Mark Baker-Wright said...

Best wishes. If nothing else, I can have my wife vicariously adopt most of your words, as she has been turned down for an internship recently herself.

twocents said...

Yes indeed I can (being the aforementioned wife in question :)....) I just got inexplicably turned down for an internship at my church after serving on worship planning committees and leading worship for the past two years. I've been too heartbroken to ask why, and am trying to work up the nerve before I implode or get completely passive aggresive. I hope your wait has a much happier outcome!