Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's a big day

Today I turn 30.

I kicked off 30 by sleeping. A lot. I plan to eat cake for breakfast, go get a Coffee Bean beverage, have lunch with my favorite professor, then maybe sushi for dinner. And more cake.

Today the sun in shining in South Pasadena, although it's hazy enough that I can't see the mountains. There is a funny little squirrel who likes to climb the trees right outside the office window and tease my cats. The mornings here are quiet, except for the parrots, whose screeches echo throughout our little town.

J threw me a wonderful dinner with several close friends on Saturday, then we came home to more friends and cake and balloons and champagne. It's the birthday so big it needs an after-party.

And today is mellow - have to go to classes, and do some homework. Probably won't have any celebration at work, for the first time in five years. They even threw me a party when I was a temp. But now there is really nobody to take charge of such an event so I won't have one, and that's really fine, except that I do miss my work friends.

Anyway, like I said, I'm mellow and very stream-of-consciousness. Maybe I'll go to Episcopal chapel at 10. I really enjoy it. Last week we did Rite I and for the first time in years the liturgy made me cry. I actually heard the words again, since I had to pay attention. They are beautiful. I can see why people had trouble letting them go.

It's a good day. I am glad that at this important birthday I am pursuing what I feel is my vocation. I'm not in a dead-end job and I'm not doing really anything I don't enjoy. I get to work on my passion most days and what a privilege that is! I love where I live. I am married to someone who keeps me sweet, who is my best friend, and who challenges me beyond belief. I have a little cat sitting on my hands as I type, with her front paws on my shoulder and her head nuzzling my chin. There's another pouting in the living room because she can't go outside.

I am truly blessed. It gives some pause to think about entering a fourth decade of life...but at least I've taken charge. I'm doing something worth doing for four more decades. That is good.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday blessings and enjoy that cake! I once played with the idea of serving a yummy cake at communion to get across the point of the celebratory moment that the eucharist can truly be--wouldn't you know it--the altar guild ladies vetoed that before I could say "pass the ice cream..."

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! My birthday was May 5 ... Karen and I spent the day watching the new cheetah cubs and the pandas at the National Zoo, followed by a very, very nice dinner. Alas, diocesan convention started the next day, and it was every bit as thrilling and Robert's Rules-packed as these things usually are.

Hope your day was fun and cake-filled!