Wednesday, May 25, 2005

God showed up

Oh, wow, you guys...the chapel service was amazing! I can't believe how Spirit-filled it was...when just yesterday afternoon we were an anxious, fearful group of wannabes. But it worked! It was one of the best services I've ever attended.

It is truly amazing what can be done with a group of people who are serious about worship. Every last bit was intentional, theologically considered...every person contributing was thoughtful, humble, and ever so talented. People did everything from bake communion bread (yum!) to dance the Sanctus (wow!) to play the accordian (!!!).

People really responded to the reading. I think it hit home for a lot of us, since we're in the midst of wrapping up all the papers and tests that come with the end of quarter. There were "amen"s and they even laughed at the jokes! What a wonderful gift it was to me to be able to share this Word with my peers.

If only every chapel could be that way. If I get this internship, I'll do my best to make sure it is.


Anonymous said...

yes, i was at chapel today, yes I agree with you it was a very spirit-filled service, but I think it is important that it was nothing that YOU did - it was God, right??!?!?

Stasi said...

I think it's important to validate the tremendous amount of work that went into the service. Yes, God can use any attempt...but it is always better when we strive for excellence so that we can really get out of the way and allow worship to happen. Poor planning and preparation on the part of worship leaders does show up in distractions.

So no, it was not NOTHING that we did. We did a lot. And God honored it.