Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hooray! School's out for...September?

Well, I've finished another quarter. Everything's turned in and I can officially switch off my brain for three whole weeks. Sort of. I seem to be getting roped into a lot of extracurricular activity. Plus I have to buy next quarter's books, which I turn into a ridiculously complicated rite of passage involving, price comparisons (thank goodness Fuller's bookstore posts prices online), and the occasional visit to a used bookstore hoping for a miracle. Unfortunately, my last visit to Archives in Pasadena yielded only a peer taking the same classes who'd already snapped up the used copies of the books. Curse you, Michelle!

(just kidding)

Now I'm setting out for the great Quad Cities of America. It's on the Mississippi encompassing a little of Iowa and a little of Illinoise (can't help the spelling - blame Sufjan). I'll meet my niece finally, and see several long-lost friends, and maybe go raise a little hell in Wheaton. I'm definitely visiting Millenium Park in Chicago and the Trappist Monastery in Dubuque (the one selling caskets - woo hoo!). In all that time I hope very much to sit and veg at some point.

Those of you with a deity, pray that my family and I can stay civil for 2 weeks. Whew, that's a long time to spend with the parental units.

I'll try to post from there. Wouldn't it be amazing to be completely bored?

Gotta go catch a plane. Happy Birthday Dan!

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Brandon said...

well color me jealous!

Have some fun.