Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Randomness from my day yesterday

“If we cannot experience the present moment, who’s to say we will appreciate any future moment?”
(Rev. Elizabeth Davenport, PhD)

(in other words, if you don’t live life on earth, what makes you think you’ll know how in heaven??)
(I saw one that said “Philosopher” and was smitten)

From a Sikh I was delighted to chat with: We don’t baptize like other religions – at birth – for us, it’s a choice the individual makes as an adult.
(I thought that was amusing in light of Protestant baptism wars)

“A melody can have a holiness that transcends the words that go with it.”
(Rabbi Jonathan Klein, who then played a Sufi song and a Jewish song with the same melody, only the Jewish was in a minor key, another ironic observation)

From a forum on gender, religion, and sexuality: heterosexuals are expected to talk about their family life, spouse, children, etc., or people will suspect them or think they are unfriendly. However, if a homosexual person talks about his or her home life or partner, suddenly they are talking about their “sex life.” Why do we limit the home and family life of GLBT people to what they do in the bedroom?

And finally, here’s some happy:

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