Friday, September 09, 2005


Hello, my friends, writing you from Iowa because I have big my ever-loving father told me I'm fat! Woo-hoo!

It's a moment every girl dreams of.

(shit there's a giant spider on the wall and I'm arachnaphobic) - this is going to be a quick story.

Yes, dad actually said I'm "pleasantly plump." Can you think of any more terrible thing for a man to say to a woman? Particularly in our relationship?

Then I must have looked shocked and I mumbled something sarcasting so he started backtracking. He said, "Well, I don't mean you're fat, you're not obese, you're just...(wait for it)...bigger than average."

Oh, okay. That's much better.

J had a giggling fit about that one. My mother rolled her eyes. I personally was a bit astounded.

Yippee, it's so GREAT to be home!!

Well at least I can get my revenge by blogging on him.


JJ said...

Yeah, dad's can sometimes be a bit insensitive. My dad once told me that it was a good thing I'm smart, because I'm not too pretty. Fun!


Hugo said...

Makes me immensely grateful to be a son.

Karen Sapio said...

And your dad looks just like Paul Newman, I suppose. . .

Jennifer said...

My dad told me I was "stout." That was fun. Of course, I turned around and said, and what exactly are you? And whose eating habits did I learn from early childhood? That made the conversation *so* much better..

Blogging about it is probably the way to family peace, come to think of it.