Saturday, September 03, 2005

Where have I been?

Yeah, that's the question I'm asking myself. Well, I've been hunkering down and trying to finish off a quarter of work, that's what it is. I don't even know how the last two weeks flew by so quickly. I am so glad I quit my job because I can't fathom how I'd have done that plus all this work. It's really weird how I've got so much to do. I didn't get that behind during the quarter.

Anyway, I've been working on my midrash, which I will reluctantly post, but please go easy on me. Remember I wrote it mostly under a fever. It's just that now I know so many of my peers at school read this, I get embarrassed about posting stuff I've written for class. It's rather private, you know? Between me and the prof. But what use is this blog if I'm not showing you the fruits of seminary labor?

So I'm going to post a lot of stuff, and then maybe you'll forgive me for going away for a while. I'll be in Iowa for a couple weeks. Hope to still post from there, but you never know.

I'm going to do a little advertisement now for the place where I just got my sunglasses. It's called Hye Optic and it's in Pasadena up by the hastings ranch area. If you exit the 210 at Madre St. and turn right on Colorado, it's on your right after Smart & Final before Target. Anyway, I write about them because they are a sweet little group of guys, Armenian I think, who are running a ridiculously inexpensive outfit, and they deserve support. I paid $30 with a coupon for frames, lenses, and a tint (to make prescription sunglasses). Without the coupon, it's only $40 for the same. Can you believe that? You just have to get a prescription, then take it to them and they make them right there on site. I dropped off my order last night at 4:30 and had the glasses by 11 this morning. So you Fuller and Pasadena people, take note. Great place! I think bi-focals are only $5-10 more and progressive lenses a little more than that. I think they're Christians too - not that that has to be a deciding factor, but I appreciate that they seem to be running their business not to make giant profits but to provide a necessary, needed service for the poorer community.

Also I can't get into Katrina because it's just a terrible thing. Just give some money to someone for it, ok?

Now I'll start posting various stuff I've written. Enjoy. Or if you don't, don't tell me.

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