Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Seeking Godly Wife

I just feel so bad for this guy, I have to help him advertise:

(I dunno, he might be better off with a good spellchecker and an NRSV)


Anonymous said...

Please, please, please tell me that guy didn't imply you could go to hell for driving 5 miles over the speed limit. Because there are. no. words. Or if there are, they're printed on a Holy Ghost t-shirt.

M.J. said... live a live of complete, ignorant bliss. God forbid that one day the "world" should open up for him and he realizes how much of life he truly missed.

I wonder how he'd do reading Brian McLaren?

Caelius said...

I like his discussion of contraception, especially his exegesis of "Be fruitful and multiply."

ap said...

When It comes to money they say people are "penny-wise and pound foolish"
whan it comes to faith i think this guys falls in the "letter-wise spirit foolish category"

Delia Christina said...

this is so sad. it's like he's in the wrong century. or the wrong state. but you'll know he'll find someone, right? he totally will.
i wonder if he can hook up with that woman who thinks daughters are their fathers' property. they'd be perfect.

Nicole said...
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Med/Peds doc said...

Hmmm... I cam across your page searching for something else. I clicked on the link your (plural) comments were directed at. Let's not miss the point: here is a someone who is sincere, thoughtful and transparent about what he think he knows and what he doesn't. What a wonderful example of someone who loves God with a passion and wants to align his life with God's word. Let's give him that.