Tuesday, February 14, 2006

All about my love

I love to eat. If you ever see me (and there’s lots of me), you could tell. I’m actually feeling my heart beat a little faster because the timer just rang for J’s homemade mac-n-cheez which is my Valentine’s lunch. The man knows the way to my heart, and it is through cheese.

I also got a great Valentine from him. No mushy card for me! Ha! I scoff at your chocolates and flowers, little girls! I got a heart with “I love you” written in the middle…made of buttercream…on top of a buttercream & white cake, my personal favorite in the world. Cake, man! Woo-hoo!!

If you’ve ever been to one of my birthday parties – or worked with me – you know my insane obsession with white cake. It's not that I'm against other cake, it's just not the way to celebrate me. Also I hate fruit in cake. There were huge debates over the relative merits of fresh strawberries versus pathetic little layers of jam. I'll simplify: it all sucks. It's healthy, and it doesn't belong in cake. Period.

Oddly, the year I decided to leave my job was the year I got a chocolate cake with raspberry filling for my birthday party. I’m not saying it was the reason, but there’s always a final straw.

In keeping with the food theme, I thought I’d point you to a couple fun diversions. I’m really impressed with deep end dining, which has jumped from spots on KCRW to this month’s Food & Wine. Wow…a food blogger’s dream come true. Especially b/c he’s one of the few mentioned positively in an article about the crap that passes for food blogging.

Oddly, crap might just be something Eddie Lin would try eating. Just check out a few of his best: the duck fetus, the brains, the menudo, the live tentacles, various ways of preparing blood across the Los Angeles basin…you’ll get the picture.

Then the other wonderful food-blog thing I found thanks to KCRW’s “Good Food” was this entry in which some quite inebriated young men head to In-N-Out and order a 100x100. I am not making this up. And they get it. There is video to prove it. There are photos. It’s beyond nasty. He said it was something like 20,000 calories. So go check it out, and thank the gods that you are not this crazy or drunk.

At least not until tonight.

May you find whatever it is you love - or love whatever it is you find!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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