Friday, February 24, 2006


So my body decided to give out a couple weeks early this term. Usually it waits at least until finals week. But now maybe I will be well for finals and spring break. That would be a treat.

It's just a cold. Yesterday I felt like utter kaka but today I'm a bit better. I'll tell you, I never got sick so much when I had (good) health insurance. It's like Murphy's law.

Of course my body is working against me. What's the one thing I need? Rest. What happened last night? Total insomnia. No sleep. Even took 2 halves of my Trazadone and nuthin'. Yet somehow right now, though I don't exactly feel refreshed per se, I feel at least alert enough to sit here wasting time talking to you instead of doing my homework!

I can trace this thing right to the culprits, too - the person who I sat next to in Gospels on Tuesday and my internship supervisor with whom I spent the rest of the day Tuesday. Both were very much in the middle of a cold. And they shared.

But I have to admit that I haven't been exercising (had to quit Curves b/c they raised our rent), nor is my pre-finals menu of mostly fries and beer probably helping much.


Unclog my nose
Say I'm breathing again
Undo this cold you caused
when you wiped your nose
then you touched my hand
Unclog my head
I couldn't breathe all night
Unclog my nose....

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