Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hail Geekdom

Well, I've been running into a lot of scholarly geekiness lately. Yesterday my prof was telling us all about the inside jokes in several indices of NT scholars' books (like EP Sanders referencing the blank pages in another book, and another person's rebuttal which is a bit complicated to explain here). Reminds me of the stuff people look for in movies - the little references in Pixar films to their other projects, continuity mistakes, etc etc.

Anyway a friend forwarded me a couple very geeky posts. But since I'm a little bit geeky, and I'm guessing a few of you are, I thought I'd share, risking being banned from the cool kids' table forever. Oh well, it would be nothing new.

The theology of kissing
The philosophy of kissing

And while we're being amused, this set me off in uncontrollable giggles and has completely taken me away from the chapters I'm supposed to be reading this morning. It's Landover Baptist's movie guide! Now I will say that it's pretty raw and not for everyone - and can be quite mean-spirited towards Christians. Clearly some haters wrote parts of this site.

Nonetheless, the way they can find a homosexual agenda behind every single movie Hollywood releases is pretty damn funny (you know, because "Kong" rhymes with "Dong"). Or check out the Return of the King review, which had me in tears. I wonder if I know the Baptist mole at New Line? It's quite possible.

Anyway, I leave you with this, from the review of a very popular Pixar film:

"Instead of running around looking for a little fish named Nemo, why don't you try finding Jesus? You unsaved morons!"

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