Monday, February 27, 2006

It won't go away

I don't know if it's kismet or fate (are they the same thing?) or God or what, but the whole situation of Africa simply will not leave my life. And that's a good thing. I'm going to keep preaching on here about it until more of us are signed on to help. Because it's completely ridiculous what's happening over there considering our resources.

I met another person intimately involved with a group over there, and this time I am really excited because the group is not only concerning AIDS and Africa but also is Interfaith! Wow! What a great connection. It's the Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance, and I met one of the board members and we're striking up a tentative acquaintance (based originally, actually, on his art collection, which is the coolest). Here is a newsletter that describes some of his work over there. With a healthy baby niece and nephew of my own, I cannot imagine the horrors this family is going through:

We are indeed blessed.

So yeah, Africa keeps calling. I'm trying to listen. I'm just opening my ears to every call around me and spreading as much of the word as I can.

Re: Palestine, today I found a class that I really, really want to take that's during the same week as the trip. So that pretty much seals the deal on that one. Which is fine - I'd rather the final reason be academic, since that's truly my vocation at the moment.

And besides, as horrible as I feel about the situation in the Holy Land, the true cry of my heart is for Africa and AIDS. And hey, while we're at it, what's up with The Constant Gardener not being nominated for Best Picture??? (all I can figure is it came out too early and lost steam - but seriously, I enjoyed it, and Walk the Line and The New World more than any of the 5 nominated films. Sigh...someday they'll learn their place and hire me to give out awards)

Oops, see how I can devolve into caring about the stupidest American shit? But that's what makes me a well-rounded person, right? (quite literally)

Anyway, I overslept (which is a great thing - I've been sick so I needed it!) so I've got to get my butt in gear for class. Today I get to go listen to presentations on, among other things, the emerging church. Gee, I wonder which emerging church they will pick? The one that's based completely on artifice (candles, hip music, and stations=emergent! Oh, and of course a reference to the Matrix) or the one that's about radical indigenous community (like our buddies at cota). We shall see. I noticed them with Dan Kimball's book, so my money's on Door #1.

I gotta finish my cota movie and spread the word about the real way to do this!!

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