Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Unprayed Answers

Hey, it's better than unanswered prayers, right?

So I floated the idea of TA'ing for my favorite professor today and he was really into it! In fact, next quarter (yikes - one month from now) he's teaching a class I've taken and thinks I might be able to do that one. Wowsa. It would be such an honor...and actually something I think I could do very well. Of course it's pretty good for my career, too, especially if it winds up being academic, which is feeling more and more right these days.

Yesterday I chatted with my internship supervisor about the ordination process, which she is very good about bugging me about. She suggested I talk directly to the people who were on my committee rather than waiting to hear back from the church staff. Not to go behind their backs or anything, just to say Hi and see if these people are still interested in pursuing the discernment thing with me. I know how busy the ministers are and they probably just don't have time to deal with me right now. It feels good to have something proactive to do about it, instead of just waiting for other people to help me.

And finally last night I was meeting with the powers-that-be at USC Religious Life and the Dean mentioned a rabbinical student had contacted her about a paid internship with their office. She was running the idea past my supervisor, and fortunately Elizabeth said, "Well if we pay anyone it should be Stasi!" And Rabbi Susan hadn't even thought of that but thought it was a great idea. So they have this huge national Interfaith Conference next year, and they are going to see if there's a way to hire me to work on it part-time!! Either as a consultant a few hours a week or maybe even half-time which means full benefits. Oh, how I miss my USC benefits! And what a treat to work on this conference. It's so up my alley.

Anyway, good stuff is happening. I can't even get all that freaked out about my last couple weeks' overwhelming workload because things are just dropping out of the sky and saying Hello! Be happy!

May God also answer your prayers you don't think - or dare - to pray.


Anonymous said...

You would make an ecvellent TA -- you're very gracious, understanding and compassionate -- as well as sharp and smart! You would contribute excellent constructive feedback. it's an honor - yes, but one that you deserve; your humble approach to the position attests to that.
best wishes,

your fellow Fuller colleague....

M.J. said...

Whose class? I'm eager to know. It would be a great opportunity to test out/discern teaching on a graduate level as well.

Good luck on the discernment contact. I didn't know you had completed the initial phase. Do you know what the attitude would be at the parish leadership level should you directly contact the committee yourself?

It's exciting to see how things are unfolding for you - you're in my prayers!