Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Death class

The class's Expanded Course Description is finally up, which includes info about the purpose of the class and also the required reading list. Thought you might want to check it out:

When I get the syllabus, I will post the recommended reading list as well.

Well I have decided not to take Eschatology because it's always offered, and instead I have gotten myself into a doctoral seminar entitled "Theology of Beauty." Yay. And Yikes! It should be a great class, but I'm intimidated. Still, my MA-level classes are pretty basic, so I'm looking forward to a challenge. And what a cool topic.

So it will be Beauty, Death, and Ethics for me this fall. Perhaps I will come up with a lovely theological treatise on the beauty of death (and life) and how that affects our ethics. I definitely look forward to combining the thoughts of Beauty and the Death.

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