Friday, August 05, 2005

Good news

I am constantly amazed at how God is using this blog. People are finding schools here...and caskets. Stories long hidden are brought to light so shared memories can help healing to begin. I am blessed by the community who reads this - and challenged! You guys hold me to a high standard. Thank goodness God is more forgiving than blog commenters! (that's a joke, commentators)

I went to meet about my internship today with the director of the office. The first thing she said to me was that if my supervisor had a problem with the community statement she could cross the offending part out and write why...and I handed her that exact thing already done. She was delighted - and sorry to hear of my concern over whether I could do the internship. In fact, she said that somehow word had reached the dean of my school and even the president of the seminary, and they both had been emailing with her to ensure their full support of the denominiational positions of students' churches and that she should tell students they are encouraged to have supervisors write something bringing the standards into line with their particular denomination's doctrine. Well!

She said she didn't know how that happened but I have guesses! I know I have angels at Fuller who read this blog and determined to do something on my behalf (for I am but the first of no doubt many yet to come). And it turns out that the president and dean are totally on board, and in fact somehow the language may change. I know this has been brewing for some time, but it is so wonderful to have played a little part in helping to open the school to the new developments in Christendom.

So thank you, those of you who may have said something. I've been told to make sure my Episcopal friends know they can indeed serve in their own parishes. Fuller trusts our bishop. And as others face this as their churches deliberate, I imagine Fuller will keep walking that razor-thin line of sensitivity vs. standards. You do have to admire their ability to keep both sides happy (or upset, as the case may more often be!).

I feel terribly that I have written in so long so I'm going to blabber on a while. I lost 3 lbs this week - then gained one back eating pizza. Too bad. I also bought my first old lady bras. I'm just too big for pretty ones anymore. But at least I went up a cup size! Ah, small victories. I've been thinking a lot about my weight because I took a blood sugar test and it was 105 after fasting which I'm told is a little elevated. And I'm just thinking GREAT - that's just what I need, diabetes! No way, bugger. The poundage is coming off and the fruits & veggies are going in (hey, it was a tomato/mushroom pizza!). I am WAY too terrified of needles to get diabetes. Of course a lot of people can't help getting it and it has nothing to do with weight. But in my case, I've gained a lot in a short time, I was less active b/c of school last year, and both my grandparents had it, so I am on high alert.

What else can I tell you? Haven't had much time for reading lately except Harry Potter which I'm about 500 pages into. Getting to the end! But it takes us a long time to read b/c we read them aloud. I read them to J and I used to do voices but I've forgotten a lot of them since this one took so long to come out. Plus I was largely basing them on the audio recording, which I heard for the first three books, and then after that I had to make them up myself.

Speaking of books that were read aloud, I hear Narnia looks great from a friend who saw bunches of it at Comicon. That's a relief. The trailer I saw did not look great - I mean, the effects looked kind of cheesy. But they all can't be LOTR, right?

So maybe I've lost a lot of people by now and I can tell you a few of the things I've been saving. One is that J got me the BEST present for our anniversary!!! Men, listen up. It's called the lavendar 6-pack and it involves several sleeves and buzzing objects. That's all I'm gonna say. It's such a totally redemptive thing for me - like I am just so thrilled to share such a thing with my husband and to have it be GOOD and not guilt-inducing. Love it!

Also things are pretty much sucking with the quitting of the job. I know absolutely I made the right choice - I've never been so sure of anything. It was absolutely the right thing to do, and I'm completely relieved, a weight is lifted. And yet. There is the person I'm leaving, who is not taking it well. I think our small office (just 2 of us) makes it feel more like an abandonment or personal rejection than a professional decision. So there's been some bad exchanges and some disagreements over whether I broke a promise (conveniently shared with the heads of departments, which makes me feel terrible). Anyway it's not for much longer but I hate that it's ending badly, especially because it was such a great ride.

Okay, J is emerging from the computer room so I think I might go see him. Haven't done that in quite a few days. Love ya.


revhipchick said...

congrats on all accounts! and thanks for the heads up on the lavendar six pack--i've been wondering about a great stress reliever! i find that during mid-terms, finals, tremendous papers, it's exactly what i need to help break the tension and get back to work!

Mark Baker-Wright said...

I'm glad that a solution has been found.