Monday, August 01, 2005

Quotes from Class

There's nothing like class to pep me up. No matter how tired and cranky I feel at 5:00, four hours with Dr. John is the best medicine in the world. I get home so jazzed. He just loves Scripture so much and makes us love it too.

Tonight he was in rare form, and here are a few of my favorite bon mots from the evening:

"You are not chosen because you are great. You are chosen because you are wrong. How much more splendid is what God achieves with the one who is not great."

How can God let people get away with so much? "That's God's problem, you see: God makes a commitment to you, and God has to keep the commitment!"

"If the gifts and promises of God are revocable, we're in deep shit."

"Just stand there, God will bless you in splendiferous ways, and the rest of the world will come and say wow! I'd like some of God please!"

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