Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Health insurance is such a scam!

I can't believe how stupid health insurance is! I've been in such heaven for the last 5 years, covered by USC. I had no idea how terrible it is to try to get covered on your own. The plans offered by my school are a complete scam! You pay all this money for monthly premiums and then if you go to the doctor you pay more and if anything happens to you you pay more again! I mean, where exactly am I getting any benefit from this??

And now I'm hopping mad because I've found this great actually reasonable plan from Blue Shield which is for young healthy people who don't need to go to the doctor much and certainly don't want to mess with babies or anything like that. It's amazing how much cheaper health insurance is if you just don't want kids!! It's the maternity benefits which are bleeding us all dry - and if I were a man I'd be even more pissed!

Anyway, this plan allows me to pay less than $100/month, go to the doctor once a year for my checkup ($35), get my birth control for $8/month, and visit my chiropractor now and then. It's absolutely the perfect plan for my needs.

But Fuller won't let me have it. Why? Because it doesn't cover pregnancy. I have absolutely no intention whatsoever of getting pregnant. Hell, I'm willing to go on a sex fast to prove it. But even if you're male, Fuller requires you to have pregnancy coverage. What is THAT about?? I can understand if you're wanting to have children. But I don't! So why should I have to pay exorbitant rates for insurance that sucks compared to what I can get from Blue Shield?? I mean, the Fuller plans are complete robbery, and I'll be paying through the nose for my once-year checkup and my monthly pills and not even using the myriad other benefits they require me to have but I don't need!!

What a freaking racket. I'm so pissed off. Is it the law for them to require these silly coverages? Because if not, I'm seriously thinking about challenging them on this. They are forcing me to overpay for something I don't need!

Well anyway, I still have my Kaiser benefits for a little while before USC stops my coverage. So I can use that to get past registration, and then regroup. Fuller only asks for your proof of insurance once a year at fall registration, and J thinks I should give them Kaiser then just get the Blue Shield on my own and not mention that it doesn't quite fit their specifications. Of course someone from Fuller will probably read this and tattle on me. I personally don't feel like that's ethical anyway, so I probably won't do it. But it's funny that Mr. PhD in Ethics guy thinks I should. He does have a point - they're forcing me into a yicky position and I'd so much rather buy for my own needs. That's the problem with the group insurance - it's not personalized. Ugh! I want to buy my own plan!!

I suppose this will all be so much easier when I'm in full time ministry, ha ha ha!!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could get a plan where I don't have to pay for maternity coverage! I personally think THEY should pay ME not to get pregnant.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you there are many scams out there which you have to avoid. Blue cross does have great health plans. Health insurance can be crucial to many and it is important to be covered.

Stasi said...

Yeah, too bad blue cross won't cover me because I have previously diagnosed conditions (3 years ago). And I wound up with insurance that only covers me if I really hurt myself, preventive care be damned.

There aren't scams "out there" - the entire privatized, profit-driven health system is a scam. They will only cover healthy people (who don't need coverage).

We need equal fair health coverage for everyone in our country - free. Period.