Monday, August 22, 2005


I'm having all this blog guilt because I'm ignoring the Feminarian. I just don't have time...and sometimes I'm lazy. I'm finishing up my classes...trying to read several books and write papers (isn't it weird how they somehow get done, and you look back and think, huh, how did I do that?). I'm trying to find health insurance since I lose that end of the month. I'm figuring out if we have enough money to live on without my income, and I want to start tithing to our new church. But I'll tell you what, those few months between churches when we weren't, what a boost to the ol' income. I can see why it's so difficult when one hasn't always done it. But we'll start up again now that we're officially transferring.

Anyway, things are just busy, and I don't feel like I can devote time to this right now. And my stinking class is way too interesting to blog during lectures! Curse that prof!

Okay sounds like J is home, I'd better get back to the laundry. Cheers. Sorry.

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LutheranChik said...

I think it's catching...a number of us have been having a really difficult time committing bloggery in the past couple weeks.;-) Maybe it's the weather, or the days becoming visibly shorter, or some sort of collective biorhythm.