Monday, August 08, 2005

More on music

This one is for my friends. As you know, every year J & I have a fun and sometimes rancorous debate about which cds to put in our KCRW 5 pack (for those not in the know, a KCRW 5-pack of cds can be had for a $100 pledge - go to subscribe, support a great station, and get 5 awesome cds that you'd buy anyway). The discussion about the 5 pack goes on for many weeks as we collect names and remember ones we forgot and check the dj's picks. Then it come down to that one magical phone call when we get to announce our picks (probably the people at the station aren't as hyped as we are, but whatever). Then we compare notes with all our friends who subscribe to see who got the best pack and/or who will be burning something for us.

So for those of you who follow these things, here's the 2005 summer signup 5 pack by us:

Sounds Eclectico (Various)
Get Behind Me Satan (White Stripes)
Verve Remix 3 (Various)
Guero (Beck)
Six Feet Under 2 (Various)

This is gonna rock...the next 6 weeks are always the worst, waiting for them to arrive!

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