Thursday, February 21, 2008

Am I voting or picking a school?

So here's a scary thing we put together today at lunch (there was not even booze involved, I swear): my PhD discernment process is mirroring the election. More specifically, my schools each relate to a Republican candidate.

First we determined that Wilfrid Laurier is my Mitt Romney. It was super hot for a while and I was really excited about it. But by now, it's kind of lost my interest. I was never all that sure what it was about, anyway. So for all intents and purposes, it's pretty much out of the race.

Fuller is the little Evangelical that could - Fuller is my Huckabee. It came out of nowhere and shocked me by how well it's doing in my personal polling. Suddenly, this school I never expected to be interested in - that's a pretty darn conservative Christian - is making waves against my bigger candidates. Still, I don't really expect it to win. But I can't write it off, either. After all, I'll bet Fuller believes in miracles, not math.

The really funny one is that Notre Dame is my Ron Paul. It seems like a good idea in theory, but doesn't really pan out when you consider the ramifications. ND has lots of devoted supporters, and I can get behind some of what makes it great. But it just never seemed realistic.

And of course, there's my McCain: GTU. Last summer, we'd written off the GTU, figuring it to be irrelevant and uninteresting. Then it roared back in an incredibly short amount of time to make all the others pale in comparison. Sure, it's more liberal than the rest. It doesn't exactly fit everybody's idea of what a PhD should be. But I like its maverick style. And it's my frontrunner.

I don't know. It was amusing at lunch, anyway.


Edette said...

very funny!

Kirstin said...

I'm a CDSP student, and I love the liturgy faculty. And the Bay Area's wonderful.

There. Did that help?