Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stop the Insanity!!

The world's just so nuts. I am at a point where I'm having to choose between which class's papers to write because there's not enough hours to do them all. I'm spending 16-20 hours a week on one class ('sposed to be 8 for a 4 unit class), and still pulling a solid B. (note: usually I do a bit better for that sort of effort, and I don't think I just got stupid...then again, I am pregnant) The class is enjoyable during class, but the homework is ridiculous. Then the other class just got crazy all of a sudden, and I'm stressing about the papers in that one b/c they are different from most that I do, plus they're on systematic theology for goodness' sakes, and you know, I don't feel all that confident in my views on these things yet!

I mean, I make it sound like I'm all freaky, and I'm not really. I just have more a dull ache of stress in my too-tight shoulders. And clearly it's affected my blood pressure, b/c every time I go to the dr they say it's too high. So it just kind of sits in me, but I keep the fact that in 4 weeks it's all over before my eyes at all times! And I genuinely have quiet moments - I take time for yoga, for meditation, for movies, for meals with J. I'm helping create meditations for Sundays and for our Episcopal group too. I've got lots of singing engagements as well. I guess I could give these up and have more time for my studies, but I won't do it. Or is it bad to make yourself stressed by taking time for de-stressing, doing enjoyable activities? That's confusing.

Anyway the real insanity is that my landlord is at it again...they just decided to make everybody in the complex (most of whom have been month to month for years) either sign new leases or be evicted in 60 days (or leave willingly in 30 days). Of course we can't possibly sign a new lease since we're leaving in less than 6 months. So that means they are telling us we have to move out in 2 months (forcibly), right around the time of my due date, and find someplace to live for 2-3 months before we move up north. That's some real generosity there! Kick the pregnant lady out of her home!

I'm sure we'll work something out. It's not that dire. But they're just being so dumb. They're going to lose half their tenants. It's not a wise move. I feel bad for my neighbors, the ones without the good relationship I've built up. Nobody deserves to lose their home just because of someone's greed.

Anyway that's my new insanity today. Sometimes you just gotta laugh. It gets so ridiculous. Just gotta keep taking life as it comes, I guess, and trust God to take care of us, which I know She will. Thank goodness for that. How would I get by without my sometimes naive but oh so comforting faith?

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