Thursday, February 07, 2008


I like my new blog so much I'm just writing like crazy, aren't I? Well I don't know if these things go in stages, but this morning I'm out of the mild despair and sadness of last night and now I'm just grumpy. I'm grumpy because my arm hurts so bad I couldn't sleep, from the mega-exam. I'm grumpy that my choir expected me to give them 7 hours on a Sunday for free. I'm grumpy that I'll probably have to pay them for my dinner (but I would rather do that then go - if there's one thing yesterday taught me, it's that pushing my body past its limits has dire consequences right now). I'm grumpy that I can't take the medicines that would make my arm feel better. I'm grumpy that I can't type very much longer without aggravating the injury. And I'm grumpy that I have such heavy reading for systematics this week - it's HARD stuff, they don't have to assign 100 pages of it! Geez!

At least I'm back to bitching and not just moaning. That's why you love me, I know.

Oh, and what's wrong with the stupid Senate? Everybody's so greedy to get their little checks that we can't even let the poorest people have a break? No, only the middle class deserves kickbacks (well I guess it's an improvement over just the wealthy getting them). Seriously, what I don't get is why can't the two plans be combined: give everybody a couple hundred less, phase it out at $150,000 for marrieds (why the hell does a couple making $300,000 need $1200 anyway?? Is that actually going to help?), and then you can afford to include the seniors, veterans, lowest income, and unemployed and I would add my hobby horse the food stamps. I mean geez, people, it's not that hard. Oh, but that would require compromise, something that our government seems to be unable to figure out.

I'd happily give up my rebate if it could feed someone. Hmmm...that's probably actually a good use for it. That would stick it to 'em - if you won't give this money to poor people, I will! And not in the form of paying their sweatshop wages!!

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