Monday, February 18, 2008

Bring in da funk

Sorry not to be writing, I'm in a bit of a funk lately, and also I've had sooooo many papers to write. I'm now sitting in class learning that I screwed up my last paper royally. I don't even know if I want to know what happened on my midterm. 4 more weeks, baby.

But I did want to just say thanks to those of you praying for my discernment through the PhD decision - depending on the day I get very sure that I either can or cannot go up north. Some days it seems impossible and others it seems obvious. I think my heart is up there. We are both so excited to think of it. We just have to figure out this money thing. J is checking into all the possibilities for adjunct teaching, but could use some more contacts. He's looking at online teaching too. Ideas? Help?

Also if anybody from up there or who knows people up there wants to pass along our housing needs, that would be cool. We're just putting out the word to everyone in the hopes that someone will hear, say, someone in the grocery line saying they need another family in their commune, or an old lady at church who wants to rent out her back house, or whatever. I can't even imagine what God might have in store. We're up for work exchange, co-housing, garage apartment, stuff outside the box. We're actually tired of traditional apartment living. (esp with all the nonsense lately with our management! which got worked out, I think)

Well I should get back to class. The senioritis is grabbing hold of me...and these classes are just too hard. I have met my match, and thy name is Hebrew. At least it didn't make me flunk out of seminary, like my dad. :)

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