Wednesday, February 06, 2008

new look

you found feminary - it's just finally updated after 4 years. snazzy, huh? turns out blogger's done all these upgrades that made editing templates way easy. who knew I could have had such a pretty site?

I feel a bit sheepish since I chose a template I know lots of other people use. But I don't care - it looks pretty with my stuff. And I think it's "green", and as you can see, the blog is going more green these days. I added the cool little Ideal Bite widgets so you can see a quick "how-to" every day on helping the planet. And undoubtedly, as I move into the next phase of my academic work, I will be reporting on more and more environmental and food stuff, so I figured, I'd find something that looked kind of "natural." Hope you like it. I sure do. And since it's mine, you can't really stop me.

Last night Jim Wallis was great. He's a preacher and as adept as a politician at zingy one-liners and strong closings. I really appreciated that he spoke directly to us as evangelicals, and as a unique seminary that includes a global presence in the student body. I don't think we got the standard book tour talk. Plus the question and answer time focused on how do pastors help with this stuff, and that was good. His new book, The Great Awakening, sounds wonderful and I plan to pick it up just as soon as I have some extra $$ (and of course time to read it). I asked a question about how do we apply what he's learned in secular politics to the rifts in church politics, and he said that his best training for working with churches came from mediating with gangs at war. Sad but true.

Anyway, I have a midterm today, and before that gotta get to Ash Weds chapel (they're doing it in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition! Yay! With Colin Brown presiding! Yay yay!). Midterms probably isn't the wisest time to attack your template, but hey, I woke up early, I get a little slack.

Oh, and I'm still happy to see that there's a race on for the nominees. I think I could live with Clinton, Obama, or McCain as president. That's really encouraging!

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