Friday, February 29, 2008

What is up with all the Christian sex?

Is this just because of the baby boomlet or what?

First we get NPR's fascinating interview with the guru of Christian sex toys.

Now we have pastors spending their time from the pulpit not on such petty issues as following Jesus, loving mercy, doing justice - ha! Who has time for that when we could talk about SEX!!! I mean, Jesus does tell us to love our neighbor (as we love ourselves...hmmm...), but this is ridiculous.

Sorry to be out of touch lately - it's getting on to week 9 in the quarter, plus I have Big Things to worry about (e.g. applying for aid, finishing papers, figuring out where to go to school next year), so I'm just out of it and can only get on here occasionally when something MUST be shared.

But big thanks to those of you who've commented positively about my atonement post. I guess my prof liked it too (my paper was exactly what I posted on here, but it was the general gist), because not only did I get an A, but he said it was possibly the best he'd ever read for that assignment. WOW! And here I was all worried because I still don't feel like I really have a handle on the whole thing. I guess I have enough of a handle for now.

And I think I've just been skewed and freaked out by my other class, where no matter how hard I work I can't crack a B grade. I'm just not used to that - to not improving, to not having any idea how to do better when working harder doesn't do it. But now I realize that in fact, it's not me, it's just the prof. Because my systematics papers were given proper A's, which was appropriate to the work I put into them. Now I feel a bit more reassured that I haven't lost all academic ability. That's good, going into a PhD, to feel that way, I think.

I am doing very well, too, riding around that B or B- range. One of my poor classmates is actually failing, and he's trying to graduate too. Yuck. What a horrible situation. I feel for him!

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