Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Christian Movements

Christians are making their presence known.

Online: http://xianz.com/
(note: this website is by invitation only - apparently God can't directly inspire you to join - sounds pretty dangerously Catholic to me!)

And in San Francisco, a supposedly tolerant city that has officially condemned a peaceful gathering of citizens whose politics differ from theirs. Now I'm not saying I remotely agree with the organizers of this rally, particularly their military metaphors, but how can a city call itself "tolerant and progressive" when they pass resolutions like this?


Anonymous said...

"... sounds pretty dangerously Catholic to me" ...

And this means what, exactly?

Stasi said...

Just that it requires some kind of community relationship in addition to the "personal relationship with God".

Devon said...

I agree about the military metaphors. It is extremely frustrating to me that so many Christian movements choose to identify themselves primarily with the most violent part of Christian history, particularly when many denominations (for example, mine, Church of the Brethren) are pacifist. Turns out it's pretty difficult to love someone you're at war with, even if it's a "culture war."