Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's Carnival Time!

Progressive Faith Blog-Con 2006 Carnival

Yay! It's my week to host the blog carnival! Aren't you lucky - you're gonna get referred to all kinds of fascinating stuff. And if I read your blog, you might just find your own self on here (do let me know if you don't want me referring traffic to you).

We start with a beautiful submission from the Velveteen Rabbi: her Haggadah for Pesach (you have to visit to see what that means, if you don't know).

Xpatriated Texan has some thoughts on the "middle way" of politics (ha ha Episcopal joke! Hey, when I host that's what you get).

I humbly submit some of my own thoughts on a new work I'm joining of planting a church (or a movement, really).

If you've read my recent stuff on fighting the atheists, you'll understand why I appreciated this post at Mark My Words.

Thank goodness episco sours has provided a prayer to get us all through Girl Scout cookie time!

Jeanette at PoMo Kidz reminds us that it takes a village.

Father Jake alerts us that the world is watching.

Over at the revealer, Nicole Greenfield points us to the McPassion.

Dylan ( writes to us about the freedom to be found in God's family.

Some thoughts on music in worship from Habakkuk's Watchpost.

And finally, here is a laugh from my good friend Eric (I'm questioning Fuller's history dept...).

If you wrote something good you want me to post, let me know, or just send us a link in the comments! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including a link to my haggadah post! And thanks for doing the work of assembling the carnival, too. :-)

Stasi said...

I can't fix the "Tough Audience" link. Sorry all. It's from early March.

Tyler, your post is now in the carnival.

Mark K. Sprengel said...

Thanks for the link. That type of post is now a series, it seems the supply of such attitudes is endless. heehe