Monday, March 27, 2006

Something to think about

A really great post by Jane Smiley over at Huffington Post - a message to new converts (away from Bush):

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Dave said...

I have to admit, I got extremely teed off when I read Jane Smiley's piece. I did vote for Bush in 2000, realized around 2002, 2003 what a disaster he was, and began progressing towards, well, progressivism. (My first attempt at a comment here was impolitic, to say the least.)

But I do have many friends to the right of me, many of whom are waking up and realizing what they've wrought. And for Jane to give them all a "fark you, you evil monsters, you created this tyranny" kind of plays into the whole us vs. them thing that Bush started.

Atonement and forgiveness are needed now more than ever in both the body politic and the Body of Christ. We need every person we can get if we're going to stop this slide to fascism on all fronts. Name-calling and blame-gaming won't get that done. Forgiveness and love for our fellow conservatives will, as will acts of atonement and sincere contrition by conservatives.