Friday, March 24, 2006

Latest on the Equality Ride

Got an update from Soulforce today. Here's what happened to their bus in Cleveland:

I'm sure that was spray-painted with the utmost love for the sinner despite hatred of the sin. Actually, it reminds me of J's genius idea for our sign to hold at Biola: "God loves fags" (too much?)

Anyway, they did start off at the toughest places, Lee and Liberty and ORU among others. Whew. You can keep up on the journey here:

So one other thing: check out the comment under the recent post "On this 3rd anniversary", the rant about the war (not written by me but liked by me). I'm curious what you think of the commenter's words (irresponsibly quoting a very paraphrased bible, but that's beside the point) and my response. I'm not fishing for validation, I'm genuinely curious to hear where you think a Christian should draw the line between speaking truth to power and remaining holy in speech. That whole wise as serpents, gentle as doves thing, you know?


Anonymous said...

OK here's one girl's feedback--I personally got a kick out of the 3rd anniversary post because it captured so much of how I feel about the present administration. Did it cross a line in terms of name calling? Probably. But here's the thing, people are always gonna have a problem hearing anything that they don't agree with--cleaned up language, spoken in love, etc. That's just the deal. Do we give up trying to express what's true, trying to teach, expressing wisdom? Absolutely not. We just do it with as much integrity as we can, and if we cross a line whether intentionally or not, then we take note and try to do it better next time.
Too bad your commenter isn't as offended by the slur on the side of a bus as she is by the quotes in your previous post.

cadywampus said...

I am a big fan of your blog - I am a fellow feminarian at Dallas Theological - and I will carry the "God loves fags" sign with ya!

Kyle said...

Only slightly related...have you heard about this? I think it's fun.

Stasi said...

OK, now I'm intrigued! Why is a feminarian and a gay-lover at Dallas??

(my dad went there for a time...long ago I wrote a post about finding out that he flunked out!)

Anonymous said...

That makes two of us who are intrigued...more please!

Sarah said...

Still loving your blog and glad you are out there. Your requested feedback: I consider myself on the progressive side of politics. I guess you could call me a liberal, although I really don't like that word. I am a registered Democrat but am currently annoyed at how the Democrats have handled everything from hypocrisy on the war to not being able to capitalize in the 2004 election. I am against the war and have little respect for Bush.

However, I cringed when I read that rant that you posted. Not entirely because it was judgmental (you nicely explained why righeous judgment needs to be vocalized). What bothered me the most about it is this: Bush people, including the administration itself as well as its supporters, are not all demons. There are reasons that they have chosen their policies, and it is irresponsible to say that their reasons are entirely self-serving, deceitful and greedy. I am not here to defend Bush, and I agree that his decisions are warped and that he has been motivated by self-interest a lot of the time. But it is unfair to name-call and cast every decision of his administration as all about hatered and himself.

We liberals need to recognize that the half of the country that voted for Bush didn't do it because they are all selfish pricks. It is reasonable to disagree on policies and not have one party be 100%in the wrong.

I also just aim to hold myself to a high standard when debating or fighting--I have found that righteous anger almost never encourages my opposition to rethink his or her ways.