Thursday, May 17, 2007

Herr Prof Barth was a drunken fart

Oh, wait, that's Rene Descartes. Well it's still funny.

Just looooving the Barthness right now. It's just so not what I believe about a lot of things. But I have to admit I do like him in a few very small points.

For those of you keeping score, I did sit down w/prof today and talk about my paper. I didn't bother to do a written defense, because I really don't care that much about the grade getting changed. Primarily I wanted to know about how to do better next time, and discuss the comments. Which we did. And he said some really lovely things about me, academically, that I know now that he has a high opinion of my work and I can feel good about life in general again. He even said he's always going to follow my career...which means he must think I'm going to have one. And hey, isn't that nice to hear?

Oh, and after everything, we didn't get that bigger apartment. They said it was b/c someone else offered more money. Whatever. We're saving money now, so that's fine. And we've decided to completely rearrange the current apartment, so that it feels like we've moved. Maybe we can wring some more space out of this design (Edette, are you listening? I need your help, babe!).

We watched several good movies lately: Volver, The Queen, Stranger than Fiction (which I really loved and no wonder: the director also did Finding Neverland and the upcoming Kite Runner which I loved). J's now prepping his horror class for biola in the fall, which means we have to start watching more horror. We'll see how that goes.

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Yes babe I heard you! Just let me know!