Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why the hell couldn't Peter have flown his damn self into the sky?

OK, spoiler alert.

We've seen Peter Petrelli fly on his own before. Why did Nathan have to carry him this time? Contrived.

Also, what was the point of that long scene about Peter's big heart when it turned out to be Nathan's big heart that saved the world?

Also, why couldn't Hiro have stopped time, put the sword in Sylar, then started time up again? Seems a lot more efficient.

They seem to have forgotten a lot of their own ideas. Which is annoying. We kept thinking of powers Peter's displayed in the past that would have worked for him, but they kind of conveniently forget that he has them when they need to drive things forward.


Anyway, Heroes was my third break from the Barth paper yesterday, after 1 hour for lunch and 1/2 hour for dinner. Otherwise I worked from 10 a.m. until 12 midnight. Which was awful. It was actually harder than the Schleiermacher in the end. J says that's because my confidence was all shaken. And it's true - I was terrified to cut anything out of it because I so loathe it when they say, "What about..." and then something I had a whole paragraph on in the 20 page version. Annoying.

So I'd look at the screen and I'd just panic. It was too long and it wouldn't get shorter. It was like my brain was moving in slow motion. I couldn't figure out what to do with it. It was just there and not changing. Usually I can take in a whole paragraph and then turn it into a pithy sentence. But I'd lost it.

I have this Rescue Remedy stuff - it's a homeopathic "calm spray". I think it's mostly alcohol. I had to spray it regularly. And we had some tears. More than Friedrich caused.

Ugh. I hate that the last of these papers was such a horrific experience. At least with Schleiermacher the sheer challenge of it kept me interested. This one, I hated every moment. It just bored me to tears. I couldn't work more than a few hours on it (except yesterday) without feeling completely numb. And I spent much more time on the whole thing, I believe, than on Schleiermacher, which is pathetic.

So Boo! Bad assignment. But at least now I only have a sermon to write and rehearse (in the next 48 hours), and that is mucho fun. I way prefer that process. And then on Thursday afternoon I am SO not working. I'm having a little Pirates marathon, watching the first two, so I'll be ready for #3 this weekend! Yay!

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Kate said...

I think it makes sense that Peter wasn't able to fly himself. If he's battling to control one power, how is he going to suddenly call on another. My question is this: why is Sylar able to quickly control all of the powers he acquires, while Peter struggles with many of them? Also, why is the "nuclear" power the one that seems most uncontrollable?

As for the talk about Peter's big heart, you have to remember that the last thing Simone's father said was something about needing love. Ultimately, that is what it took, Nathan's love for Peter. Something more troubling to me is how eager Mrs. Petrelli has been to sacrifice her children. Why is she so ambitious? Why does she think an explosion is the only thing that can save the world?

I hate when bad guys aren't really killed. No one would have been stupid enough to think that Sylar was just dead. Let's be serious!

Ahhh...falling into the world of TV. It's a love/hate relationship.