Friday, May 11, 2007

When it rains...

Yes, weirdness is pouring over my life again. So strange how these things come in threes. There's the apartment thing. Then the insurance thing. And now, this morning, I realized I hadn't heard about financial aid yet for next year. Turns out, they hadn't processed me yet, but it was a scary couple moments when I saw I have zero dollars to pay for school! (they usually let you know about your award by end of April, so I was scared all the money would be gone, but it's cool)

It worked out OK, except that I found out that they only give grants up to a certain number of units, and get this, I am TWO UNITS short of what I need!! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!

So next year will be paid for entirely by loans, yay, what fun. What's another eight grand, really? Still, a little grant would have sure been nice. Guess this means no more taking doctoral seminars just for fun. Darn. I really wanted to try one with my history prof, see how I like him in that setting. Oh, well.

OK, I get to spend the weekend with Thomas Merton. I'm quite happy about that. He's my mystic for my presentation in mystical theology. I'm focusing on his Zen stuff. It's so cool. I was nervous about the amount of work - the bibliography for his works and works about him is over 700 pages!!! - but then I started reading and it is just a pleasure. I don't even mind spending all weekend soaking in it. It's lovely, lovely stuff. What a wonderful thing, to actually enjoy some homework tremendously. Lucky me.

It's a good thing, too, because next I have to tackle Karl Barth. Ewwwwww.

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