Saturday, May 12, 2007

When life hands you lemons, make a hurricane

So since life in Pasadena isn't being all that kind (although actually somehow the financial aid thing worked out, thanks be to God), I decided to spend some time working on the NOLA trip. Knew that would perk me up.

I've been looking at hotels, looking for the best place we can afford (which isn't going to be the best place, but at least it's there). I found a few promising options but nothing I was super thrilled about. Then I was reading a guidebook and discovered the Lafitte Guest House. What caught my attention was that the listing said that the owners are strongly committed to helping the city recover and only buy from local vendors now. That fit well with the purpose of our trip, which is to also do what we can to boost the tourist economy. But of course, it's a really nice place and quite a bit more than the places I'd been looking - who am I kidding? It's gorgeous. Really awesome Old NOLA vibe, lots of antiques, the whole 9 yards. So I called and their summer rates are very reasonable, but still more than the others. But I talked to J about it and he said we should think of it like we are making a donation to the local businesses by supporting this B&B that in turn supports them. I thought that sounded lovely. Plus, free breakfast. Nice.

So I called and booked it, and they couldn't have been sweeter. We talked all about my former trip and working in St. Bernard parish, and I had a simply lovely chat with the woman. Then, wouldn't you know, she called back a few hours later and said that the owners were so happy that I'd come down to work that they wanted to upgrade me to one of their best rooms, with a balcony and everything, at no extra charge! Isn't that so wonderful?! I am absolutely delighted. Truly, it is a special city with special people. And they are so so thankful for all the help they can get. It just makes me all warm & fuzzy, and humbled and grateful to God. I cannot thank God enough for my trip last month - it was absolutely one of the best times of my life! And now, this wonderful offer. It's all a fabulous karma thing, isn't it?

So let me encourage you to give generously of yourself, because God, it turns out, really does love us and show us favor when we walk in Her way. (see how happy I am with just a little bone? i may be dramatic but i get over it pretty fast) What a wonderful Mother she is!

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Shawna Atteberry said...

That is so cool! I hope you two have a great time.